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Fishing Tackle is an online shop for fishing tackle and accessories. Wide variety of fishing tackle at attractive prices - Fishing rods, Fishing reels, Fishing lines, FIshing floats, Fishing Hooks, Fishing Unnatural Baits, Fishing Natural Baits, Flavourings, Fishing Boats, Outboard Engines, Fishing Sonars, Fishing weights and feeders, Fishing Indicators, Fishing stands, Fishing Seat Boxes, Fishing Tackle Boxes, Tubes, Buckets, Fishing Rod cases, Fishing Rucksacks, Fishing Bags, Fishing Clothes, Glasses with polarization, Landing Nets, Keepnets, Fishing accessories, Binoculars, Telescopes, Spotting Scopes, Camping equipment, Clocks, Fishing trophies. 
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204235930 is an online shop for fishing tackle. A new electronic fishing shop compared with other online fishing shop and fishing sites, designed to offer a wide variety of fishing tackle at attractive prices. You will find fishing products from the following categories:

1. Fishing rods - fishing rods without guides, poles, telescopes with guides, fishing rods bolognese, spinning fishing rods, fishing rods for heavy fishing, carp fishing rods, match rods, fishing feeder rods, Fly fishing rods, fishing rods for clonk/sea fishing picker rods, fishing rods for winter fishing, fishing kits.

2. Fishing reels – front drag spinning reels, rear drag fishing reels, baitrunner fishing reels, Big Pit /surf fishing reels, multipliers, Fly fishing reels and other fishing reels.

3. Fishing lines - monofilament, braided, leader, fly line, backing.

4. Fishing floats - fixed fishing floats, adjustable fishing floats, wagglers fishing floats, specialist fishing floats for pike and catfish, bombards, buldo.

5. Fishing Hooks - single fishing hooks, fishing hooks treble, doubles fishing hooks, Fly fishing hooks, hooks with line.

6. Fishing Unnatural Baits - wobblers, lures, soft baits, flies, hard body lures.

7. Fishing Natural Baits, Flavourings.

8. Inflatable boats /fishing boats/ - inflatable fishing boats, boat accessories /equipment boats/ .

9. Outboard Engines /Motors for boats/ - four-stroke outboard engines, two-stroke outboard engines, electric motors for boats, accessories for motor boats. Here you will find a suitable motor for your boat.

10. Fishing Sonars - fishing sonar for every situation.

11. Fishing weights and feeders - for float, for heavy fishing, fishing weights for clonk.

12. Fishing Indicators.

13. Fishing stands.

14. Seat Boxes.

15. Fishing Tackle Boxes, Tubes, Buckets.

16. Fishing Rod cases, Rucksacks, Bags.

17. Clothes - Fishing clothing, fishing vests, raincoats, hats, fishing boots, fishing waders.

18. Glasses with polarization.

19. Landing Nets and Heads, Keepnets, Crab Nets, Crab Cages.

20. Fishing accessories - Swivels, Star lights, Fishing Tools, Clonks, Gaffs, Balances,Carp Accessories, For Ice Fishing, Anothers.

21. Camping equipment - tents, inflatable mattresses, sleeping bags, tourist masses, hammocks, fishing chairs, fishing beds, camping accessories, pumps for inflatable mattresses and boats.

22. Binoculars.

23. Telescopes, Spotting Scopes.

24. Clocks.

25. Fishing trophies.